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Anna Little Receives $840+ from Ten Buck Friday Week 2: Week 3 Controversy

RightKlik has some feedback for Ten Buck Friday bloggers and readers participating in Week 2 voting and donations for Anna Little running for New Jersey's 6th Congressional District. The Little campaign reported $840.00 received from Ten Buck Fridays, ranging in donations from $10 to $100. Keep reading some controversy about the Week 3 winner, Eric Wargotz and be assured that this will not happen again.

Ten Buck Fridays

Unfortunately, the Week 2 winner drew a week that encompassed the Independence Day holiday with readers and bloggers celebrating and maybe traveling with little time for politics.  Acknowledging this, we feel good about what we brought to Anna's congressional race, but as RightKlik points out, had each of the almost 1,000 votes sent $10 to the Little campaign, our donation would have been close to $10,000.

Before getting into the Week 3 winner, I want you to know some changes in how nominations are accepted for the poll, will be announced soon. You can help with this process. A new poll comes out tomorrow morning (Sunday). The nominations are listed below. Please, if you have an opinion about the degree conservativism these candidates may or may not have, please visit RightKlik and give us your opinions:

Van Irion (TN-3)
Christine O'Donnell (DE-Sen)
Daria Novak (CT-2)
Charles Lollar (MD-5)
Chris Gibson (NY-20)
Sharon Angle (NV-Sen)
Collins Bailey (MD-5)
Doug Dubitsky (CT-2)
Brian Murphy (MD)
Peter Schiff (CT-Sen)
Dr. Marvin Scott (IL-7)
Vickie Hartzler (MO-4)
Jacob Turk (MO-5)
Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25)
Joe Miller (AK-Sen)

The Week 3 winner announced yesterday (Friday) is Dr. Eric Wargotz. There are a couple of controversies about his win:

(1) Wargotz has at least one conservative candidate running against him in the September primary. The Ten Buck Friday dilemma is, when this happens should we add the other true conservatives to the poll, or should we eliminate the candidate from the poll until after the primary?

(2) According to this blogger, Wargotz has some serious warts. Read the comments as well as opinions, which differ greatly.  The same situation at RightKlik's comments. Please read them before deciding who you will vote for.

Seen as a problem to some is Wargotz' comment that he believes Obama may not have natural-born-status. I will say this - my opinion only - the fact is Obama may not have natural-born-status. We have no way to know. I can easily believe he is natural-born, but there is nothing to prove it, and for those believing the birth certificate provided by his campaign is real, you're just not being honest. It isn't signed by a physician or a hospital. The fact is, no one knows. The President is hiding something, maybe not his natural-born status, but perhaps something else - or he would release his documented b/c...however, no need to speculate here. Being named a "birther" came from the Left and they have utilized this weapon well. I do not fault Wargotz for an opinion either way on this.

I do fault him for what seems to be a yearning for the right to health care extended to illegal immigrants. For this reason, I will not support him this week.

We will avoid these problems in the future, and measures are being set in place to immediately do so.

Here is more information on Eric Wargotz.

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