Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chris Christie Matt Lauer : Chris Christie on Sacred Cows: Teachers Unions Cops

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie interviewed with Matt Lauer yesterday. When asked about the fallout of taking on the "Sacred Cows," teachers, unions and police, and if he feared them, Christie said "I don't think you can lead out of fear." Christie could have added, "because I'm doing the right thing," an unknown concept to the mainstream White House Propaganda Squad. This is a very interesting video interview, with a Governor who understands his job.

Christie quote:

The Teacher's Union in New Jersey has demanded 4% and 5% increases in a zero inflation world. They pay nothing in, the majority of them, for family health benefits, from the day they are hired, to the day they die.

Matt Lauer Interviews Gov. Chris Christie (video)

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