Friday, July 16, 2010

Fake Tea Party Videos Linked to White House?

Yesterday RightKlik had a post up with a video supposedly showing vile racists involved in the TEA Party movement. RightKlik went on to verify where every scene in the liberal Think Progress video originated from, and guess what? It wasn't a TEA partier. Today, Gateway Pundit shows a likely connection to the White House through the Soros-funded CAP organization and John Podesta.

This is vile stuff. Yesterday at RightKlik's I left a comment that he should be in the running for a Pulitzer for  investigative reporting. Visit RightKlik to see the extent of the lies and then Gateway Pundit to finish the story.

Update: Another Gateway Pundit revelation, the NAACP has had anti-Semite, white hater Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam and "Jeremiah “G*d D*mn America” Wright speak at their conferences. Read it here.

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