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Gigi Gaston Texas Voter Fraud Nov. 2008, Indiana, Michigan...Hillary Voters Not Allowed to Vote

These four videos from Gigi Gaston - We Will Not Be Silenced - may be the most important you view before the November 2010 election, and especially if you are a liberty-loving Democrat in a caucus precinct. Gaston, a life-long Democrat was challenged by a friend to come to Texas and look into voter fraud by Obama operatives, with the help of the Democrat party, during the November 2008 presidential elections. Gaston thought she could document that the claims were untrue, instead she found they were true around the country.

Hillary Clinton - Barack Obama

The first video is about names illegally taken for the caucus votes.

The second video shows the process of caucusing, which requires you vote before attending a caucus. Many, many Obama voters either had not voted that day, had not signed up to vote, but still were counted in the vote. Illegal delegates began at the precinct level, then moved to the Senate district level, and on to the State level. Bottom line, many Obama delegates were illegal.
Dr. Hayes estimates ten percent of Obama caucuses were not legal in three Senate Districts around Houston. This alone accounts for most of the disparity between the primary and the caucuses.
Also, rampant voter fraud in Indiana. Gary, Indiana school children were sent to the polls in Crown Point with instructions to vote for Obama? I don't how that worked - how old were these kids? School children were bussed on a school day, told who to vote for, had their lunch bought for them, and gave them the remainder of the school day off.

A report possibly from Michigan: of the 2118 delegates, 670 delegates come from caucuses. A quote from one women in the video: Why do you think Obama wanted a caucus in Michigan? Because you can cheat at causes.

The third is of an eye-witness to older women who were Hillary supporters being turned away from the polls.  The fourth provides more proof of cover-ups. The Lonely Conservative has more on Minnesota and the Norm Coleman, Al Franken and voting felons.

One Person, One Caucus Vote Not the Case Across the Country (video)
Texas Districts 6, 11, 13 and 17th - Rampant Fraud, Fraudulent Delegates (video)
Older Woman and Others Not Allowed to Vote for Hillary (video)

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