Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gustus Bozarth is Flag Rescuer: Homeless Man Gustus Bozarth Rescues Flag

A El Paso security camera caught Gustus Bozarth rescuing the American flag, which had fallen in a storm. The videotape showed Mr. Bozarth in a driving rain, carefully folding the flag military-style, on the hood of a pick-up truck, and then leaving it and the pole in a safe place on the property. Across the country, people are responding to his plight and offering help. See the video below.

Gustus Bozarth

The owner of the flag is METI Inc., a federal contracting company. According to their spokesperson, METI has had a "heart warming" response to the story, with offers to help with donations. KFOX is also working with an agency to provide aid. 

METI employees were shocked to find the downed-flag not strewn on the ground in front of their building, but neatly and properly folded. That's when they checked the security tape showing Gustus Bozarth at 1:40 a.m. folding the flag in a driving rainstorm.

KFOX14 quotes Bozarth:
It's a small respect, folding the flag like that," he said. Bozarth said he learned to fold the flag when he worked as a security officer in Tampa, FL.
WoundedTimes says Gustus lives in the back of a warehouse just feet from where the fallen flag was found.

METI Inc. at first refused to take donations for Gustus until they could a arrange a way to keep the funds safe. According to the video below, a fund has now been set-up. For details contact METI Inc. at 915-772-4975 or KFOX14 at 915-833-8585.

Megyn Kelly has the story of Gustus Bozarth (center)

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