Friday, July 9, 2010

James Carville Poll Nails Obama a Socialist and Too Liberal

Uber-Liberal James Carville and Stan Greenberg's Democracy Corp poll has 33% of likely voters saying "a socialist" describes Barack Obama "very well." Another 22% say "a socialist" describes Obama "well." If two plus two is four, then 55% of likely voters believe our president is a socialist. Fifty-six percent say he is too liberal.

Carville Poll - Obama a Socialist

From The Campaign Spot:
On “too liberal,” 35 percent of likely voters say it describes Obama “very well,” 21 percent say “well,” 21 percent say “not too well,” and 17 percent say “not well at all.” In other words, 56 percent of likely voters consider Obama too liberal.
When asked about “a socialist,” 33 percent of likely voters say it describes Obama “very well,” 22 percent say “well,” 15 percent say “not too well,” and 25 percent say “not well at all.” 
In other words, 55 percent of likely voters think “socialist” is a reasonably accurate way of describing Obama.
In less than a year-and-a-half Obama has gone from Messiah to Socialist, or maybe it's a Socialist Messiah?

We can take this poll seriously because Carville's partner Stan Greenberg is considered:
”...the De Niro of all political consultants,” and ”an unrivaled international ‘guru’.” Esquire Magazine named him one of the most important people of the 21st century. The New York Times writes that Greenberg "acts as a sort of people's truth squad," while The New Republic describes Stan Greenberg’s list of clients as a "who's who in center-left world leaders."
Republican pollster Frank Luntz says "Stan Greenberg scares the hell out of me. He doesn't just have a finger on the people's pulse; he's got an IV injected into it. He's the best." 
So friends we can believe the good news in this poll.

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