Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Laura Ingraham John Eastman: Federal Law Requires Illegals to Carry Papers: Does Judge Susan Bolton Know That?

I'm awaiting the video of Laura Ingraham in for Bill O'Reilly tonight. So important is the news tonight, that she skipped the Talking Points. Her first guest was John Eastman, who is an attorney running for California Attorney General to replace AG Jerry Brown, who was voted the worst Attorney General in the U.S. by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Laura Ingraham

Eastman, who is the director of the Center for constitutional Jurisprudence at Chapman University school of Law,  spoke on many of the points of Judge Bolton's ruling but one thing stuck out: Bolton ruled that illegal migrants do not have to carry I.D. papers. Bolton said that is "preposterously" wrong. U.S. Federal Law, in Title 8 Section 1304 clearly requires that identification be carried by all migrants at all times, according to Eastman. I'll look it up tomorrow. I'm closing up for the night.

I hope to have the video with the entire conversation with Ingraham and Eastman in the morning. John Eastman's website is here. (Thursday morning: still looking for the video)

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