Friday, July 23, 2010

Luke Russert Charlie Rangel: Luke Russert Asks Questions No One Else will Ask

In the video, the late Tim Russert's son, Luke, is a reporter for MSNBC. Luke shocked Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) by asking the questions no one else from MSNBC or any member of the mainstream propaganda squad.

Charlie Rangel

Congressman Rangel was charged for, as yet, unnamed offenses, that began with the list below from the Washington Post titled Sleazy Does It. Who knows how the House Ethics Committee might decide to lighten Charlie's burden:

* Unpaid taxes: Rangel admitted he neglected to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income from his villa in the Dominican Republic.

* Four rent-stabilized apartments: He leased the Harlem units, including one as an office — which is barred by state law.

* Undisclosed income: He failed to reveal to Congress more than $600,000 in assets and tens of thousands of dollars in income.

* Inappropriate fundraising: He wrote letters on official congressional stationery to solicit money to build the Rangel Center at CUNY.

* Pay-to-play: He preserved a tax shelter for an oil-drilling company, Nabors Industries, whose chief executive donated money to the Rangel Center.

* Breaking House rules: He stored his vintage Mercedes in the congressional garage.

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As Mike Huckabee famously said: It's Easier to Defend Jeffrey Dahmer's Diet than Rangels Ethics.

Luke Russert and Charlie Rangel (video)

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