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Magdi Khalil and Abdallah al-Hadlaq Support Israel's Stopping the Flotilla

Magdi Khalil is an Eqyptian-American writer and Abdallah al-Hadlaq is a Kuwaiti journalist. On Al Jazeera TV Khalil blamed increased hostility toward Israel on Western anarchists and said Arab discourse has fueled "illusions and hatred."  Abdallah al-Hadlaq, a Kuwaiti journalist writing in Al-Watan, supported Israel's stopping of the terror flotilla. Both men maintain that it was well-know the flotilla was not peaceful.

Magdi Khalil

Magdi Khalil's June 15th appearance on Al-Jazeera TV - a contentious interview - he noted the terrorist connections of the flotilla, which includes The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH). Khalil calls IHH "a terrorist organization." 

Magdi Khalil: Whenever there is an incident, Israel does 'damage control.' This is part of the Israeli defense tactics. These are successful people, not like Ahmadinejad, who said that Security Council Resolution 1929 should be thrown into the garbage bin. They deal with things seriously. These people know the meaning of world opinion. 
And here, Khalil also blames "leftist anarchists in the West" for renewed hostility toward Israel by the West.
Magdi Khalil: The Islamists, along with the leftist anarchists in the West and some neo-Nazis, have renewed the hostility towards Israel and the West. 
The interviewer tries to quiet Khalil, but it doesn't work, as he points out that the number of people killed in Arab police stations is much higher than those killed in Israeli-Arab wars. (yes, he said "wars.")

Politics and Capitalism quotes Khalil chiding Israel for actually believing the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's characterization of the flotilla activists as "peaceful people." Khalil said simply, the Turkish PM is an "Islamist" and should not be trusted.

Abdallah Al-Hadlaq, writing that the organizers were supporters of "the terroristic Hamas," Hizbullah, al-Qaeda and Global Jihad, Abdallah Al-Hadlaq said the flotilla was "a pre-planned provocation against Israel," and the [Israeli] soldiers had no choice but to respond." Investigative Project quotes him saying "the world is obsessed" with Gaza while ignoring other important world events, and there is a double standard when it comes to Israel:

Hadlaq explains that there is a "terrible silence, lack of consideration, and indifference that has overcome the world…with regard to more important and more valuable [issues] that merit attention far more than this murky piece of land called the Gaza Strip."
Iran is specifically pointed out by Abdallah. Read the story at Investigative Project on Terrorism and The Elder of Ziyon.

This CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) blog quotes Abdallah al-Hadlaq responding to a Breaking the Silence condemnation of Israel, saying he rejects Gaza's many and varying accusations war crimes committed by Israel, saying the IDF follows international law and obeys order "despite the stress of battle."
However these allegations are to be rejected because the IDF has proved that its troops follow international law and obey orders despite the stress of battle. These testimonies lack sourcing or corroboration, thus preventing any conclusions from being drawn... Furthermore, it was the ostracized Hamas that caused much grief when it fired dozens of Qassam missiles at innocent civilians in the southern towns and villages of Israel. The IDF had no choice but to fight back causing the deaths of 1400 Palestinians, half of them civilians used as human shields by Hamas, in addition to the 5,000 wounded. Israel lost just 10 soldiers and 3 civilians.
I find this very encouraging, and hope these two men can live their lives to a ripe old ages, but I can hear the fatwas now.

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