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Michele Bachmann Dylan Ratigan: Someone Named Dylan Ratigan Doesn't Like Michele Bachmann or Her Tea Party Caucus

Someone named Dylan Ratigan doesn't like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn-6th), or her Tea Party Caucus or her talk of "fiscal responsibility."  I'm searching for info on Mr. Ratigan as I "word process." Oh, here it is...oh my, he's a TV host on MSNBC and has a little show titled the Dylan Ratigan Show. Let me see... he averaged 330,000 viewers a day in May 2010! No wonder he's such a snark. See the video below.

 Michele Bachmann

Putting "Fiscal Responsibility" in the face of a liberal is like holding up a cross in the face of a vampire. "Fiscal Responsibility" is death to a Liberal. Without mad spending you can't create voters.

More on Ratigan's embarrassing ratings below. In the video, the obviously frustrated Ratigan and friends say Bachmann is "full of crap...soooo full of crap, she might be the Queen of Crap," the talking heads opine. Ratigan quotes Congresswoman Bachmann saying the Tea Party Caucus will be "dedicated to promoting Tea Party ideals like "fiscal responsibility and limited government...
"...then again, says Ratigan, Republicans were nowhere in the mass extraction on Wall Street."
For starters, Ratigan obviously views a House Caucus as 'big government,' even though the Caucus members are dedicated to the ideals of small government. This Caucus will not create government programs. If anything, they will be working to repeal, rework and trash existing legislation.

Ratigan doesn't touch Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Democrat criminal "mass extractions" that will never be paid back to taxpayers - orchestrated by Democrat legislators, Senator Chris Dodd (D-, and Reps. Barney Frank (D-Mich) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) . Fannie and Freddie were nowhere in the Democrat financial reform bill.

A Yale economics professor, Robert J. Shiller, says taxpayers who do not even own a home are forced to support others struggling to stay in their homes. Astonishingly, Shiller thinks that Fannie and Freddie should be severely cut back:
"so that they're not helping middle-class homeowners, [but] they're helping poor people get into the housing market."
That's a fine example of academia ignoring everything known about economics. How about making Fannie and Freddie successful and then helping the less fortunate?

Shiller tells the truth, though, about the woes of the evil Democrat twins, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and why the government took them over:
...to avert possible massive losses for banks, money-market funds and, perhaps, most importantly, foreign institutions that purchased billions of Fannie and Freddie debt because of its implied government guarantee.
Remember this when you plan to walk away from your home, and perhaps file bankruptcy. Don't blame Wall Street. Fannie and Freddie are what all the housing bankruptcies are about.
That's why some of your neighbors had to turn their homes over to the bank. The bank had to sell them for peanuts, and that's why your house is undervalued today. That's why you owe more on your mortgage than the house is worth in today's market.

Democrats are solely...solely to blame for the housing crisis. They bought votes and favorability with risky home loans, are still trying to buy votes today...and what they have done should be criminal. 

Before winding this up, Ratigan's show airs at 4 p.m. EDT. If 330,000 viewers are not embarassing enough, he averaged only 325,000 viewers in the preceding 6 months, and only 83,000 in the golden  demographic of 25-54 years old. The 83,000 most desirable demographic was down from 107,000 a year earlier. Check this out for a comparison of television success rates.

For the time slot, Ratigan comes in third behind first place Your World with Neil Cavuto. The headline for these statistics: Dylan Ratigan's Ratings Show a Loss for MSNBC.

So here's the thing about Dylan Ratigan and his cronies: he/they are terrified at the words "fiscal responsibility," and they are disturbed that Michele Bachmann insists on pounding home the importance of it.

Bachmann and the House Tea Party Caucus can promote fiscal responsibility while Ratigan tries to live-down his failures at MSNBC. Watch as Ratigan and his idiots, without a single fact about Michele Bachmann, stoop to kindergarten name calling. (Yes, I called Ratigan an "idiot," did some name calling myself, but I've offered-up the facts.)

Dylan Ratigan on Michele Bachmann (video)

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