Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missing US Navy: One Dead One Captured by Taliban

Sad news this morning. An Afghan official says one of the two missing US Navy members is dead and the other held captive by the Taliban. The terrorist organization is offering to exchange the body of the dead American and the captive for the release of imprisoned insurgents in US custody. Ongoing updates as available. See an important update below.

Missing U.S. Navy in Afghanistan

US Army ABC is reporting:
...the two men ignored warnings and set out on their own from the base into a known Taliban-held area, and after an exchange of gunfire the two were captured.
 The CSMonitor says the two men were seen in their armed Toyota Land Cruiser. There are reports that the local police tried to flag them down before they got to the insurgents area. Taliban saw the men in the market, watched them drive toward danger and "warned fellow militants down the road to prepare an ambush."

 The graphics above are the leaflets distributed by the U.S. Military to Afghan civilians as they searched for the missing US Navy men. More when available.

Update 7-27-10
The remains of one of the sailors has been found in Eastern Afghanistan. The search is still on for the second missing man.

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