Thursday, July 1, 2010

Molly Hagerty is Al Gore Accuser: Portland Police ReOpens Sex Abuse Case Video

We know the Portland Police are not reopening Al Gore's sexual abuse case because business is slow. Molly Hagerty is the massage therapist's name. Some are claiming the hotel's video surveillance may support her claims, and the Enquirer states there is DNA evidence, video footage and a "key witness." See a video re-enactment below. Update: August 1, 2010: Whatever acts of sexual harassment Al Gore committed, they are not "appropriate for criminal prosecution," according to ABC News. See more below.

Enquirer Magazine and Molly Hagerty

Gore "flipped me flat on my back and threw his whole body face down over atop me pinning me down and outweighing me by quite a bit,...he kept trying to have sex with me...."
A spokesperson for the former vice president said then that the family had no comment on the case.
According to a 73-page "Confidential Special Report" made public by authorities on June 23, the "licensed massage therapist" stated she was summoned to a suite at the upscale Lucia Hotel at the reuest of a gues, where "during the course of this massage session Al Gore did sexually assault me in his room.
I doubt the hotel would destroy surveillance of high-profile customers like Al Gore, and who is the "key witness?" Being known as "a pervert and sexual predator" are definitely and inconvenient truth, if true.

Al Gore Sex Poodle on Video Reenactment

Update August 1, 2010:
More from ABC News:

 Rees noted that Hagerty sold her story to the National Enquirerfailed a polygraph test, thanked the hotel management two days after the alleged incident for sending business her way and "has not provided as repeatedly requested medical records she claims are related to the case."
Rees concludes, "This case is not appropriate for criminal prosecution. The matter is closed and the investigative materials will be returned to PPB [the Portland Police Bureau]."

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