Friday, July 30, 2010

Peter King Anthony Weiner 9/11 Aid to Firemen and Illegals - It's All About Illegals and Trash in the Bill

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) threw a fit on the floor of the House last night, and again on Fox News this morning. The issue is a House bill, co-sponsored by Republican Congressman Peter King (R) to provide aid to 9/11 firemen who have been affected by the toxic dust from the World Trade Centers falling. Democrats did not want Republican amendments to his bill - amendments such as a ban on illegal migrants in the area on 9/11 receiving taxpayer money. This whole charade is about support for illegal aliens. See it in the video below.

Peter King and Anthony Weiner

The Liberal House insisted there would be no amendments, in other words, Democrats did not want to be on the record voting no to support illegals :
According to Republicans, the measure would kill jobs, create a "new entitlement" and waste taxpayer dollars. 
The measure would reopen the Victims Compensation Fund until 2031. Politico reports that Republicans are calling the extension "well beyond what is needed to take care of latent claims," according to a GOP policy statement. 
The bill, according to Republicans, "creates a massive new entitlement program, exposes taxpayers to increased litigation, and is 'paid for' with tax increases and potential job losses." 
To be clear, Democrats could have passed the $7.4 billion bill with a simple majority, but they opted for a procedure that allowed no amendments - two-thirds would have to vote for the bill in exactly the form it was originally written, including the trash in the bill. From the New York Times:
Democrats used rules requiring a wider majority for approval to prevent Republicans from offering amendments on the floor that would embarrass Democrats in an election year....
Heading into the vote, Democrats acknowledged it would be difficult to gather enough support to pass the bill under special rules requiring a two-thirds majority.
But Democrats were concerned that a simple majority vote would allow Republicans to propose a controversial amendment that seeks to deny 9/11 health benefits to illegal immigrants. 
King said with a short time to the November elections, Democrats do not have the courage to vote on controversial amendments. Republicans want to provide for 9/11-related diseases, but they intend to do it responsibly. I'll point out that the minority has the right to amend bills and then receive a vote.

It is time for Republicans to refuse irresponsible spending, regardless of the good in any bill. That is what they did with this legislation. Take out the trash and present the clean bill. Republicans are refusing to be cowed by shameful tactics like you'll see in the video below. Weiner, the pompous jerk,  is trying to hide the Democrat agenda. He needs to grow up.

Anthony Weiner's Defending the Trash in Democrat Legislation

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