Friday, July 30, 2010

Peter King Anthony Weiner: The Real Story of the Failure of the James Zadroga Act

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) showed his backside on the floor of the House and surprise, surprise, the cameras were rolling. The video quickly went viral, but King's comments have gotten nada attention.  Congressman Peter King was the symbolic target of all of Weiner's pent-up Democrat angst wrath. King should be proud to have drawn the worm out of the apple for all the world to see. King was the grown-up and he was telling the awful truth. See two videos below.

 Anthony Weiner and Peter King

Carol at No Sheeples Here produced the King video you'll see below. King speaks just before Weiner meltdowns. King is addressing the poor decision to pass the legislation with a two-thirds vote to avoid a vote on granting benefits to illegals -a fact which is moving around the blogosphere under the radar.

And there is another side of the story. Carol has the campaign contributions from entities with interest in the Trade Towers to...who else but some of the co-sponsors of the failed legislation, and numerous other Democrats. Two of the co-sponsors received multiple thousands and two a tidy sum.

Had the legislation been allowed to pass with a simple majority vote, Republicans would have tried to amend the bill to take out funds going to illegal migrants. Democrats then, either had to vote to exclude them from the bill or keep them in the bill. Either way, not a good option for the Party of Amnesty. Note that in the video, King says Republicans were not included in writing the bill. So the observation is: illegals should have NEVER been included to receive taxpayer's monies.  This makes arrogant Weiner's little act even more fraudulent.

Read Carol's commentary take a look at who is in the money at No Sheeples Here. Nice Deb has a video of New York WOR radio host, Steve Malzberg, concisely explaining exactly why Republicans would not vote for the bill without an option for an amendment, and why Democrats refused to vote if an amendment was introduced.

Peter King on Aid for 9/11 Health-Related Illness (video)

Anthony Weiner's Dishonest Rant (video)

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