Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Renee Ellmers Win Unseats Bob Etheridge in North Carolina's 2nd District

You remember the rude and aggressive congressman from North Carolina's 2nd District, Bob Etheridge, who assaulted a student for daring to ask a question? Etheridge is up for election this November and this is an opportunity to send a constitutional conservative to Washington, D.C. Renee Ellmers, from Dunn, North Carolina is an outstanding candidate. Etheridge, on the other hand is a far-left Liberal who scored 6% out of 100% for his fiscal responsibility as a congressman. Bad-tempered-Bob needs to go. See a new video below.

Renee Ellmers

Friends, once upon a time, all politics were local, but today the same congressman/woman serving the people of North Carolina's 2nd District is also serving you and me. Living outside of North Carolina, we need Ellmer's conservative vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Incumbent Etheridge voted for the House DISCLOSE Act. Today, it failed in the Senate. No doubt there will be another effort to revive it. Keep in mind that Bob Etheridge tried to stifle your free speech with a bill that would have exempted large organizations with more than a million members (unions) and any organization in existence for more than ten years (that would not be Tea Parties). See the video of Bob Etheridge man-handling the inquisitive, but very polite student here.

Ellmers has asked Etheridge, who supports amnesty and Social Security benefits for illegals, to join with Republicans to try to defund the Obama administration lawsuit against Arizona's illegal migrant bill. That would be a stretch, but she points out that a Rassumssen poll shows 62% of North Carolinians want a law just like Arizona's SB1070.

Fifty-three percent  in Etheridge's district oppose health care, which Etheridge voted for. Renee is a Nurse and she and her husband, Dr. Brent Ellmers own the Trinity Wound Care Center in Dunn. Read more about Renee at her new website, Renee for Congress, and find my profile of her here.

Once more, politics are no longer local. Notice the "contribute" button in the top right corner of Renee Ellmers for Congress. This year I began donating with Ten Buck Friday Bloggers. Your donations need not be large, and it is easy with a credit card to donate to the great crop of conservatives around the country. Think about all the blog readers out there. Ten dollars added to the ten dollars of the many other readers can provide a moneybomb for a critical campaign.

Here's Renee's excellent new video:

Renee Ellmers (video)

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