Saturday, July 3, 2010

RINO Lindsey Graham TEA Parties Not Sustainable: Senator Graham You Make TEA Parties Sustainable

RINO Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) says the TEA Party movement is unsustainable and will die out. Well, doesn't he wish? As long as Republicans like Graham infiltrate the House and Senate, we will continue to be drenched in their unconstitutional TEA (Taxed Too Much). Graham says the Movement has no vision for governing the country. If the U.S. Constitution isn't a vision, what is? Senator Graham is just one of a few reasons in the Nation's Capitol that will easily sustain the TEA Party Movement.

Lindsey Graham

Of course Graham doesn't want TEA Parties interfering in his dirty little moderate-left-leaning playground. The Lindsey Graham-types in the Senate and House have had their way far too long, and look what has happened. As Democrats moved farther and farther to the left under Welfare Queen, Nancy Pelosi, and Capitol-Crier-The-War-is-Lost, Harry Reid, RINOs moved along with them, and you hardly heard a gasp of surprise, until TEA Parties began showing up at Townhalls all over the country.

We want The Founder's vision, which does not include unbalanced budgets and spreading the wealth - or the social justice 'isms,' as in Socialism, Marxism and Communism. How hard is that? To the contrary Mr. Graham, we can sustain ourselves on your foolishly conceived legislation.

Oh, the TEA Parties have a vision and you are in our line of site.

TEA partiers don't want our healthcare records in a government database, but you do. Senator. TEA partiers don't want your RINO-derived Cap and Tax, and were horrified when you begged us to stop demonizing climate change. The GOP of your home state of South Carolina were also horrified and they censured you - twice in a three month period'.
U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has repeatedly demonstrated contempt and belligerence towards those members of the Republican Party who support freedom, a constitutional government and the Republican Party platform,” 

...the local Republican Party charged Graham with showing a “condescending attitude” toward the GOP’s grass roots.
We don't want you amnesty devised by his Gang of 2. No gangs of 14, or 3 or 4...unless designed to smack spending and keep the Supreme Court from being taken over by Progressives. Did I mention your National I.D. cards? We don't want those either.

Senator, your Gang of 14 decided that judicial nominees will be filibustered, "only under extraordinary circumstances." Remember Sonia Sotomayor, the LaRaza member you helped promote to the Court despite the harsh realities of her own words...and, again, she is a member of LaRaza. Show us what you're made of Sir. If Elena Kagan is not an "extraordinary" circumstance, who can possibly be, but I bet you cast your vote for her.

David Horowitz' NewsRealBlog says Graham can afford to "trash tea parties" because he isn't up for election until 2014, but warns that he doesn't know his history and doesn't know the power of crowds:
Nothing threatens the status quo like passionate, peaceful and spirited citizens coming together in solidarity. Does Poland 1980 ring a bell?
Senator, I do admire your very important support of our Military, but you need to dig your way out of that heap of Liberals you are so fond of after so many years in the Capitol. Get busy and Do Your Job as a Senator from South Carolina.

You, Senator Graham, are what makes a TEA Party sustainable.

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