Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Andrew Breitbart: Sherrod: Breitbart After a Black President

Shirley Sherrod shows us how racism will be kept alive and well. Yesterday she said Andrew Breitbart was a "racist," I doubt she can produce one single fact to show racism from Breitbart. Rather than come up with a "fact," she challenges Breitbart to show her how he is NOT racist. The burden is not on her to prove he is racist, because she is a Liberal. As with every Liberal viewpoint, they accuse and we have to prove. I am at Breitbart's website regularly and I have seen no signs of racism. Sherrod needs to prove her accusation, and shame on Anderson Cooper for not making her do so in the video interview below.

Andrew Breitbart

After releasing the snippets of the Shirley Sherrod video when she spoke to the NAACP in March 2010, Breitbart's goal was to show the racism in the NAACP - the audience laughed that she did not do all that she could for a White man who came to her - a government paid worker - to save his farm. Breitbart's intention to show racism in the NAACP was due to their charges of racism against Tea Parties.

I would like to hear how what she said about the White farmer is not racist. Yes, he and his wife came forward later, and said Sherrod was helpful and they had remained friends, but she did not tell the NAACP that. She obviously thought her audience would champion her for getting Whitey.

Had a White person from the Department of Agriculture said the same things, they would not only be fired, they would likely lose their retirement benefits. And had Sherrod been White, and the farmer been Black, once the Black farmer came forward, he would be tainted forever by his "own kind," as Sherrod would say, for supporting a White man.

The one thing Sherrod said that shows her clear racist agenda is the dishonest claim that Republicans do not want ObamaCare because Obama is Black. We hate the unconstitutional legislation, and there are hundreds of thousands of pages explaining why we hate it and oppose it. Sherrod obviously knows naught about the Constitution. None of it has anything to do with a Black president. It has everything to do with a Marxist president.

Here's the video of Sherrod saying Breitbart is "after a Black president." If her claim was accurate, it would be "a large part of the U.S. is after an incompetent, Constitutional-destroying president."  Accusation after accusation that Breibart is racist - without a single attempt to prove what she is saying...just slamming Breitbart and running on to the next baseless accusation. Visit Breitbart and show me how he is racist.

Shirley Sherrod: Breitbart "after a Black President"

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