Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tom Tancredo Deserves an Apology

In February 2010, former U.S. congressman, Tom Tancredo spoke at a TEA Party convention and said Barack Obama was a "committed socialist ideologue." He smacked John McCain for his 2007 amnesty advocacy and said the U.S. is steeped in "the cult of multiculturalism," and said "the race for American is on right now." The mainstream media took their liberal lash to Tancredo. They owe him a loud apology. He also warned of drug-related violence in Mexico and said it was "moving north." As most of us knew, Tancredo was spot-on.

Tom Tancredo

There was more:
Former Congressman and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo told an audience on Thursday at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville that "people who could not even spell the word 'vote', or say it in English, put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House."
"So the race for America is on right now. The president and his left-wing allies in Congress are going to look at every opportunity to destroy the Constitution before we have a chance to save it," Tancredo told the delegates. "So put your running shoes on. Because I'll tell you, I've heard we need a revolution. My friends, we already had it. We lost. I mean, what happened to us in that last election was a revolution."
Tancredo was one the most conservative members of Congress. The American Conservative Union gave him a 99% favorable rating. He ran for president in 2008. I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. The media characterized him as a candidate with one issue to run on - illegal migrants, but a review of his record shows he had his thumb on the pulse of conservatism.

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