Friday, July 16, 2010

US Intelligence Fails Again: New York Christmas Attack: No One Rang the Bell

Katherine Herridge is on Fox reporting a possible second terrorist attack planned on Christmas Day to coincide with Underpants Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attack, which barely failed. An unnamed official said "[We] were aware of something for Christmas and didn't ring the bell...didn't warn the airlines, didn't warn everyone that, "hey, we were made aware of this so just tighten up. And look what happened. Obama is quoted saying we had information on Abdulmutallab's attack but "our intelligence community failed" to "connect the dots." Look how our government failed our soldiers at Ft. Hood. The trail to terrorism was hot and everyone had the actual messages from Nidal Hasan to Anwar al-Alwalki before he committed jihad. What's wrong with this miserable, irresponsible government?

Ft. Hood Massacre

An explosive devise was to be moved from East Africa to London to New York to be used perhaps in a restaurant or other busy venue bombing. The devise would have been assembled in New York City.

Someone named "Mohammed" is involved. Ya, sure! Fox News says "intelligence from overseas three weeks earlier indicating that a plot targeting New York City on the same day may have been in the works, according to an FBI report obtained by Fox News."
The final target of the attack was not known, but extremist members had allegedly discussed restaurants and night clubs located in New York City," the FBI's assistant legal attache in London wrote in a threat report dated Dec. 4, 2009. "The extremists allegedly discussed conducting the attack on 25 December, to coincide with the Christmas holiday."
The report, sent to U.S. and British counterterrorism officials, warned that "extremists allegedly planned to conduct a test run" that evening, hiding components for an improvised explosive device in a shipment of khat, a plant often chewed like tobacco that has become a tradition for many in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
The FBI is warning these reports might be a "coincidence," and not to draw conclusions. "Hundreds" of threat reports come in for the month of December each year - 83,000 to the FBI each year. Obama said "The U.S. government had sufficient information to have uncovered this plot and potentially disrupt the Christmas Day attack. But our intelligence community failed to connect those dots."

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