Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ann Coulter on Anchor Babies and International Law

Ann Coulter is pointing out the absurdity of Leftists loving foreign and international law, hoping to make the U.S. submit to it - pining to follow it...until it comes to illegal migrants and anchor babies (jackpot babies) - and then they are conspicuously silent.

Ann Coulter

From Coulter's column August 18, 2010
Take Sweden -- one of the left's favorite countries. Not only is there no birthright citizenship, but even the children of legal immigrants cannot become Swedish citizens simply by being born there. At least one parent must be a citizen for birth on Swedish soil to confer citizenship...
Liberals are constantly hectoring Americans to adopt Sweden's generous welfare policies without considering that one reason Sweden's welfare policies haven't bankrupted the country (yet) is that the Swedes don't grant citizenship to the children of any deadbeat who manages the spectacular feat of giving birth on Swedish soil...

Even Canada, the country most similar to the United States, grants citizenship upon birth -- but excludes the noncitizen parents of anchor babies from receiving benefits, such as medical care, schooling and other free stuff given to Canadian citizens.
Ann slaps it down in her unique and pristinly pithy style. You'll want to read about "Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell, MSNBC's favorite half-black guest" at Ann Coulter.com

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