Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bull Jumps Crowd Two Videos

This amazing video shows a bull leaping into the crowd in Tafalla, Spain. He jumps on, tramples the audience and gored at least one person. See the video below.

Why would the bull do this?

The incident happened during an event in which people try to provoke the bull to charge them.
The bull had already jumped twice into the alley surrounding the ring, police said. After damaging a horn, it was about to be returned to the corral when it escaped.
A 47-year-old man who was gored in the back was among half a dozen spectators taken by ambulance to the hospital at Pamplona, home to the San Fermín bull runs.
I don't get the attraction of bull-fighting. I was present when a famous Spanish soccer player was gored in the ring. If you can believe it, Americans who part of my travel group, actually rushed into the ring and saved the soccer player. It was bloody, emotional and frightening. See another excellent video of another bull charging into the stands - startling footage, along with some info on how fighting bulls are bred. Stay with the video at the linked above - just after the bull fight and see an incredible fight between two giraffes.

Bull Jumps Crowd in Spain (video)

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