Friday, August 6, 2010

Democrat Hit List Targets BP Republicans

Get this. Democrats have added five Republican senators to their "hit list," naming them BP Republicans. Nevermind that Barack Obama received the biggest donation of anyone in Congress from BP, and millions arrived in the warchests of prominent Democrats. Ah, none of that has anything to do with "the list." The list is merely...convenient - and targets hotly contested seats. To be clear (as Obama would say), it really has nothing to do with BP, and everything to do with a Democrat smear. Democrat funds will flood into these races. Read below what you can do about it.

Democrat Hit List

The Liberal battle cry ringing forth: "stop standing in the way and start working with President Obama and Democrats," the list names a Republican senator and a Republican congressman Sen. David Vitter (LA) and Rep. Joe Barton (TX). The remaining three are candidates trying to unseat Democrats: Candidates for the Senate, Ron Johnson (WI), Dino Rossi (WA) and Pat Toomey (PA).

Previously designated BP Republicans are Rep. Joe Barton (TX) and candidates for the Senate, Sharron Angle (NV) and Rand Paul (KY).

Let's keep these people on our donations list - as little or as much as possible to give. If you have not made online donations before, it is very, very easy. It is safe and your name can be kept private. It takes about 2 minutes, no longer. Every cent counts, and if you do donate, please put a notation that you are donating with the Ten Buck Friday bloggers and readers. No on in Ten Buck Fridays benefits in any way by the donations made. Our Internet presence can be a force for great good. By the time November rolls around, let's make our candidates aware that we are here, working for them, knowing they will be working for us.

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