Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eric Holder MOVE Act Update: Still not Moving on Timely Ballots to the Troops

 Do you know that our troops apparently seldom get their election ballots in time to get their vote back to their precinct to be counted?  It has happened enough times that the Senate stepped in and passed the MOVE Act which requires every state to follow certain guidelines assuring that ballots be on their way to the Military 45 days before elections day. Are States planning to follow these guidelines - doesn't look like it. An "undue hardship" is the only way to opt out, but oh my, many are claiming they have such a hardship. Let me ask you, when we talk about our Military and the hardships they face, what possible qualifying hardship, other than a natural disaster that wipes out the precinct records, can be considered?

The Department of Justice, according to Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is allowing "waivers" to  certain states. I believe the Military and the American people deserve to know exactly what the hardship is- because after all, these elections roll around every two years.

Holder's Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich answered Cornyn today.
As of Wednesday afternoon [yesterday], 12 states had submitted waiver applications, Bob Carey, Federal Voting Assistance Program director told FoxNews.com through a spokeswoman.
The states are: Hawaii; New York; Delaware; Virgin Islands; Alaska; Washington; Maryland; Washington, D.C., Massachusetts; Wisconsin; Rhode Island and New Hampshire.
A Colorado secretary of state spokesman said Colorado also will be filing a waiver application by the end of the day.
Now let me ask again, how can a waiver be granted for anything less than a natural disaster? The DOD is the last word on approving or not approving the waivers - with the final decision made by August 29th. Will they lend a hand in this unsavory business? I can only guess and I don't like the first answer that comes to mind.

Cornyn's letter to Holder said "the statute does not create any discretion for the Executive Branch to decide whether or not to enforce its legal requirements." I say, name the hardship publicly. This is outrageous. Can we send these people to jail for voter fraud and intimidation - because that is what this is? Of all the many Zero Tolerance issues in this country, this is one that should apply.

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