Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Speech Video

This video is Glenn Beck's keynote speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at the Restoring Honor event on August 28, 2010. At about 50 minutes in the bagpipes play Amazing Grace with vocalists, and the crowd joining in.

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor

Prepare to be inspired to restart your heart, honor your God, and honor your country perhaps in a way you have not before. After the video, see links to some wonderful posts about Restoring Honor.

Donate to the Special Operations Warrior Fund for which this event raised $5.5 million dollars with funds still coming in.

Don't miss the closing prayer.

Glenn Beck Keynote Address at Restoring Honor

Matt Ross at Conservative Hideout 2.0 has a marvelous post about the point of Restoring Honor. Here's a quote I've chosen out of many:

The more I think about this, the more I think that this is the start of something incredible.  If you watched Beck’s Friday show, there are tens of thousands of clergy, of all races, ready to sign on to this idea of restoring honor.  Additionally, they are begging the IRS to take their tax-exempt status.  They have hundreds that are reporting themselves for political speech, so they can sue the IRS, and win.  It is a revolt of sorts, and I don’t think the left will win it.  They have been doing it for several years, and IRS won’t bite on it.  The general interpretation is that they know that the’ll lose, so they leave the churches alone. 
John Carey at The Current:

As I continued to listen, I began to understand what America is truly about.  It's about us.  It always has been, we just need to be reminded.  It became clear to me that the source of our out of control government, the shredding of our Constitution, and even our economic woes is us.  We always had the power to stop it and yet we did nothing.  We failed to be the change we so desired in our elected officials.  We failed to hold them accountable for their votes, always claiming it was the other senator, or other representative that was the problem, not mine.
We continued to look the other way as the seeds of destruction were planted in the housing market with bad policy.  We remained ignorant and lived blissfully as anti-God and anti-America forces created organizations with the intent of fundamentally changing what our founders fought so hard to obtain; liberty and freedom.  We stood by and did nothing when our government seized more land and forced states to comply with a variety of unconstitutional mandates.  Even now there are progressive forces working at the state level trying to influence state legislators into proposing laws that will greatly diminish the power of the states.
LD Jackson at Political Realities says this:

When you read or see the news coverage of this rally, it is almost always classified as a controversial event. The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were positive that the timing and the location of the rally was mimicking Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and humiliating his legacy. This because the rally took place at the same place and day, some 47 years after King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. The reality is something much less sinister and much more honorable. During the speeches that were given, Dr. King and his speech was mentioned time after time. Glenn Beck himself gave honor to the man who has done so much for equality in America.
Kate at Ol'Broad has the Beck's videos from his Monday show, talking about Restoring Honor.

Amusing Bunni's Musings has a great video of a Boy Scout leading the masses in the Pledge of Allegiance and then a magnificent singing of the Star-Bangled Banner AND a stirring slideshow of Americans loving and honoring their country. This slideshow brought tears. This is the embodiment of the America spirit.

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