Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is Jan Brewer Anti-Immigrant or is Barack Obama Anti-America?

Barack Obama says Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is "anti-immigrant." That is just a despicable lie and this anti-America President needs to be called out on it.  He says people wanting "to make a name for themselves... [Jan Brewer]" by actually following Federal and State laws to send illegals home are "anti-immigrate." I don't know a single person who want to do away with "immigration." I know many not wanting illegal migrants on our soil

America is not "anti-immigrate." Words have consequences, so why do we pair the word "illegal" with "immigrate" or "immigration?" Being in the country illegally has nothing to do with immigration. An illegal cannot immigrate until we say he/she can. If the law is broken by entering this country illegally, that person is illegal, and an alien migrant. The encroacher's status is that of an illegal migrant, or an illegal alien. We should no longer give aliens the cover of "immigration."

There is no greater disrespect to the U.S. and it's people than to fail in the Constitutional mandate to protect her borders,  allowing thousands of illegals to pour in every day...thousands every day! Arizona Senator McCain said Arizona alone was the crossing point for one million illegals in 2009.

American Grams at Back to Basics says the number of illegal aliens in Arizona is estimated at 460,000 to 500,000. She (assuming Grams is a she) found 32 cities "in the U.S. with populations of 500,000" or more making Arizona's illegal migrants the size of the 33rd largest city in the U.S. Imagine trying to grill on the patio on your beautiful border ranch, watch the grandkids catch fireflies in the dusk with these ranchers reporting from 100-900 aliens crossing their properties every 24 hours. After you watch the video below, visit this post by ChicagoRay for a sickening glimpse of the victims of illegal aliens.

Obama is warning politicians they should not campaign on the topic of illegals or the situation in Arizona. One look at the polls on illegals in the U.S., and the favorability of the law Arizona is trying to enact, tells us why Obama wants us to shut up. He clearly understand that voters and taxpayers want the borders secured now.

This name-calling, mocking President who calls TEA Partiers "teabaggers," and baldly lies that a United States Governor is "anti-immigrant" has no idea of the wrath building around the country.

Tom Tancredo on Illegal Migrants (video)

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