Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jancy Thompson Norman Havercroft: Swimmer Jancy Thompson Sues USA Swimming Coach Havercroft

Jancy Thompson, a swimmer with USA Swimming has filed a sexual harrassment and abuse lawsuit against one of the organization's swim coaches, Norman Havercroft, and the governing body of USA Swimming. If you are the parent of a competitive swimmer, you will want to see the video below.  See update below:

Thompson charges "groping," "engaging in sexual acts," "providing pornography" and "buying an Internet camera for cyber sex." Sounds like rape or attempted rape to me. Thompson was 15 when the behavior began and continued until age 18 on the premises of several swim clubs, in Havercroft's and her own home for a period of 5 years. The suit also alleges another female as abused and that USA Swimming was aware of it and did nothing.
"I was robbed of my childhood and never performed to my full capabilities," she told the Associated Press. "I want to ensure that no one has to endure what I went through and carry such a burden the rest of their lives."
...the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara County district attorney's office investigated claims of abuse by the other female and brought no criminal charges against Havercroft. 
ESPN Swimming reports the case of the second female charging abuse ended in a confidential settlement.
The suit announced Wednesday is one of several around the country alleging USA Swimming covered up wrongdoing and allowed a culture of abuse to exist in coaching ranks. The lawsuit also names the West Valley Swim Club and Pacific Swimming, the West Coast branch of USA Swimming....
The swim club is scrambling to add new protective measures for their swimmers. No word on whether or not Havercroft is still an employee of USA Swimming.

Update 8/14/10:
After posting this article a few more details have been made public.
Her coach even humiliated her at practice by making her wear a dog collar with a leash attached to it, which her coach held while she swam laps at the pool, Thompson says.

The Problem with Swim Coaches (video)

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