Friday, August 13, 2010

John Gibson Minnesota Under Attack from Islam Somalis Sharia Law Video

I love John Gibson and totally miss seeing him on Fox. Watch this video, dated August 12, 2010 on Islam and Somalia in Minnesota. By the way, the first of two Muslim U.S. Congressmen, Keith Ellison in Minnesota's 5th District has a constitutional conservative vying to take back Minnesota's House seat. Read about Joel Demos and donate to him if you can. Remember, politics are no longer local. Keith Ellison's far-left vote affects me and my family in Tulsa, Oklahoma and you and your family somewhere in Kansas or in the heart of Texas. After the video visit Mustang at Social Sense for a companion video by Glenn Beck a number of years ago. The problem just drones on.

John Gibson on Islam, Somalis and Sharia Law in Minnesota (video)


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