Saturday, August 7, 2010

Michelle O Jill Biden: Jill Disrespects MO? FLOTUS Not Fond of Jill Biden

Meeeee-shell, the Belle, reportedly believes that Joe Biden's wife Jill Dr. Jill Biden disrespects her.

Michelle Obama

The report is from the Enquirer which occasionally gets it right, so take this with a good measure of skepticism. However, as Weazel Zippers says, "the odds are there's some truth behind it." Their source is said to be a "political source in the nation's capital," and the headline is a bit dramatic: Why Michelle Obama Hates Jill Biden's Guts!

As the story goes, Joe and Jill are far too casual around the First Family and it is insulting to MO. Talk about insulting - how about FLOTUS insulting us, and walking the streets of Spain in daytime looking like this - I mean, she is a First Lady!

Michelle Obama in Spain

I think I can pinpoint Dr. Jill's problem. She has no background in organizing, and probably little experience with people who did not live in a compound before coming to the White House. A background of shilling in Chicago Mayor Daley's office for a living may also be repugnant to Mrs. Joe Biden.

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