Sunday, August 8, 2010

North Korea Seizes South Korea Fishing Boat

North Korea has reportedly seized a South Korean fishing boat. North Korea is claiming the vessel was taken in North Korea's waters. At the same time, South Korea is in the midst of a 5-day "anti-submarine exercise," which the North has loudly protested. The waters are described as "off the divided peninsula's eastern coast."

Seven fishermen aboard the unnamed vessel have been questioned. One was able to make an emergency call with a satellite phone, saying they were being towed by North Korean patrol boat. There is no information about a pending release of the men.

The atmosphere in the area is heated, as a South Korean naval ship, the Cheonan was sunk by an explosion in March of this year, killing 46 sailors. It is widely believed that a North Korean torpedo was launched from a submarine, sinking the ship.

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