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Obama Birth Certificate

I have transcribed Fraud in the USA Blue Hawaii video. It moves fairly quickly and it's difficult to grasp the content. I've combined some of the frames because they repeat the same information for emphasis, I think. The beginning of Fraud in the USA Blue Hawaii begins with references to Bikini Atoll, etc. Disclaimer: 8-15-10 - This post was reposted accidentally today. I do not know the original date of the posting but it was awhile ago. Rather than backdating it to some obscure date, I'll leave it up and I have added the actual video below with the description that comes from the poster.

Begin Transcription:

Hawaii is the home of the most powerful and influential person in the entire world. This person has already changed the course of modern history as we know it. ...AND NOW FOR HAWAII'S BOMB!
Dr. Chiyome Fukino, M.D., Director, Department of Health
Sometime between October 31, 2008, and July 27, 2009, the dates of Fukino's two press releases, Hawaii "amended" Obama's birth record. A brand-new Certificate of Live birth was produced and his prior vital records were sealed.
This is Barack Obama's brand-new "original birth certificate." [see graphic] The form is a "Certificate of Live Birth," and not the old "Certification of Live Birth" that is posted on his Campaign site.
So the point here is, two versions have surfaced.
This form was specifically designed with Obama's birth records in mind. It added new fields and changed existing ones. Obama can use it to "prove" he's a natural-born citizen.
Photo of the new form shows:
In top left corner, the previous version said "State of Hawaii Department of Health. 
On June 16, 2008, before the "new form" mentioned in the video, the LA Times said the following birth certificate was provided to them by "the Obama campaign...". To see it enlarged click here

It differs from from the one in the video which says State of Hawaii, Department of Health and gives the certificate number in the right corner. Notice the LATimes version says State of Hawaii, Honolulu and then Department of Health, Hawaii USA and the certificate number is dropped a line or two. Both documents say Certificate of Live Birth.

On the LATimes bc it does not give the parents State/Country of birth. It gives only the county/city and island of the baby's birth. The video bc shown adds "Mother's State/Country of Birth - Kansas and Father's State/Country of Birth Africa.

The next video frame shows a bottom corner of the bc showing a revision date: (Rev. 10/08). The LATimes revision date is 11/01.

The video explains the legality of Hawaii changing Obama's birth certificate.  Next Frame:
[Statute]338-17.7 Establishment of new birth certificates of birth when. (a) The department of health shall establish in the following circumstances, a new certificate of birth for a person born in this State who already has a birth certificate filed with the department and who is referred to below as the "birth registrant:"
Hawaii Statute 338-17.7 permits the Department of Health to issue a new birth certificate to a registrant who already has one on file. There are five conditions under which the Department would grant this request.
Three are relevant to Obama. Subparagraph (2) refers to a name change following a divorce decree. Subparagraph (3) refers to a similar request following an adoption decree, and Subparagraph (5) permits law eforcement to request a new birth certificate to ensure the safety of the birth registrant.
The DOH accused "Birthers" of inciting others to bombard them with emails demanding to see Obama's long-form birth certificate. They fear that it is inflaming rightwing extremists to make threats against Obama and DOH employees if they do not release a certified paper copy of his birth certificate.
Therefore, the DOH cited these "threats" as relevant to Option (5) in issuing a new birth certificate to Obama.
(5) Upon request of a law enforcement agency certifying that a new birth certificate showing different information would provide for the safety of the birth registrant provided that the new birth certificate shall contain information requested by the law enforcement agency, shall be assigned a new number and filed accordingly, and shall not substitute for the birth registrant's original birth certificate, which shall remain in place.
(b) When a new certificate of birth is established under this section, it shall be substituted for the original certificate of birth. Thereafter, the original certificate and the evidence supporting the preparation of the new certificate shall be sealed and filed. such sealed document shall be opened only by an order of a court of record. [L 1973, c 39, STATUTE 1; am L 1975, c 66, STATUTE 2(3); AM L 1979, C 130, STATUTE 1 AND c
The video certificate shows the father's race as black and his country Africa. The LATimes certificate shows father's race as African.
Fukino has been at the center of the birth certificate controversy from its beginning in June 2008. Fuino's Oct. 2008 press release created more controversy by only stating that Hawaii "has Obama's original birth certificate on record."
Dr. Fukino never said that she saw Obama's paper birth certificate or any other tangible birth document. But the mainstream media, led by the Associated Press, lied to the public by saying that Fukino had confirmed Obama's birth in Hawaii. 
What Dr. Fukino saw was an index record indicating that they had an entry for Obama's "original birth certificate" in their database. That is what her "on record" comment meant. If Obama was born in Hawaii, then Fukino would have confirmed it.
On July 27, 2009, Fukino issued a second statement, nine months after her first, with no mention of "Obama's birth certificate." What she claims she saw this time was his "original vital records on file."
 [Fukino] "I have seen the original vital records on file verifying Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born citizen."
These statement seems to be from whomever made the video:
I have also seen "records" that allegedly verify Obama was born in Hawaii: Every one of them is a forgery.
The time for taking Hawaii at its word is officially over.
Dr. Fukino violated Hawaii's laws by disclosing personal information from Obama's birth record without receiving prior authorization for it. 
Conversely, Dr. Fukino has refused to confirm that Hawaii produced the COLB posted on Obama's website.
 On February 23, 2010, Dr. Fukino testified at a State Senate hearing in Hawaii regarding the so-called, "Vexatious Requester Bill," saying "President Obama has posted a copy of the [birth] certificate on his former campaign website."
 Not only is Fukino's statement a blatant lie (and perjury), it shows more violations of Hawaiian Law:
(1) disclosing the name of the vital record issued to a named individual;
(2) conducting an illegal investigation into the identies of UIPA requesters.
 Testimony of Chiyome Fukino 2/23/10
"For more than a year, the Department of Health has continued to receive approximately 50 e-mail inquiries a month 
seeking access to President Barack Obama's birth certificate in spite of the fact that President Obama has posted a copy of the certificate on his former campaign website."
 I receive approximately 50 e-mail inquiries a day - it's called SPAM and it doesn't need an unconstitutional law to have it stopped, no matter how "vexatious" I think they are. 
 These requests wanted Hawaii to release a genuine copy of his birth certificate and not a COLB copy that Fukino knows was forged
For the past two years, Hawaii has refused to confirm that the online COLB copy is a genuine 2007 COLB issued to Obama on June 6, 2007
 For the past two years, Hawaii has refused to provide any verifiable evidence that the original birth certificate they claim to have on record has the same information as in Obama's COLB.
 By blurting out that "President Obama has posted a copy of the certificate on his former campaign website," Fukino repeated the Official Obama Party Lie and created a conundrum for herself and the entire Health Department. 
The only way to resolve the conundrum of refusing to authenticate the online certificate while saying that "Obama posted a copy of it on his website," was to amend his birth record, so as to make it match the information in the online COLB! 
There are audios and quotes from Governor Linda Lingle referring to Fukino's confirmations. The filmmaker says Director Fukino never said where he was born in her first press release. Lingle is quoted saying that she and the Health Director, "issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii."

The filmmaker says:
Lingle needs to get her lies straight. None of this ever happened.
Now, meet Janice Okubo, Communications Officer. The name, Janice Okubo, has become synonymous with Barack Obama's birth certificate ever since the political fact-checker, Politifact.com, anointed her (in June 2008) as the Official DOH Spokesperson for the Birth Certificate.
 Meet the 4th female player in this game of "Hawaiian Dodge Ball", Am Hollyfield, Politifact Reporter
I [the filmmaker] caught Hollyfield lying about Okubo in a phony story that was backdated to June 13, 2008. It had a lot of quotes from Okubo, none of which had been corroborated, yet all had incriminating evidence.
 Hollyfield had many quotes from Okubo ("Obama's birth certificate: Final chapter") that were contradictory, like "A copy of the birth certificate was requested in June 2008" (but date-stamped June 6, 2007), and "it's a valid Hawaii state birth certificate" but she could not say for certain what it represented.
 Even more contradictory was the fact that Hollyfield and Politifact had no interest at all in proving that Obama was born in Hawaii.Their sole reason for obtaining a copy of Obama's birth certificate was to debunk the bogus rumor they originated: "Obama's middle name is "Muhammed!"
Okubo's "birth certificate" is not "identical" to Obama's A graphic shows a portion of the birth certificate showing: Child's Name Barack Hussein Obama II
 Okubo's "birth certificate" was used to make Obama's! There is a graphic seemingly showing a portion of both Okubo and Obama's name [see graphics in video]
Fact check photo #9 shows reverse side of Okubo's COLB Thee is a graphic dated Jun 6 2007, I certify that this a true copy of Abstract of the record on [unreadable] [Signed by] Alvin T. Onake, Ph. State of Hawaii
Flip it horizontally to align it as the "bleeding date-stamp" See a graphic of the reverse
Make a tranparent layer, crop the date and add blue to it Graphic blue date flipped
Reduce the layer's opacity and Photoshop it on the front. See the graphic
You have met four women who have played a key role in enabling the birth certificate fraud.
There is a fifth woman who also played a key role in fabricating the birth certificate fraud.
Factcheck's Jess Henig, photogrpher, writer, researcher and bogus COLB collaborator
HAWAII FIVE "UH-OH" Say, "Aloha," to the women of:
On July 27, 2009, Fukino issued the following statement: "I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen.
The vital records that Fukino cited in her statement refer to information from the original birth certificate and the amended birth certificate: It's called, "Mix-n-Match!
 What did Hawaii Health officials know? They knew that Obama was not born in Hawaii. They knew that they did not issue his online COLB. They knew that they worked with Politifact and Factcheck to forge a COLB. They Knew they had broken the law by disclosing personal records. They knew they lied and perjured themselves in covering for Obama. They knew that the Governor would cover for them while the Attorney General would not.

Fraud in the USA - Blue Hawaii (video)

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