Friday, August 6, 2010

Obama Thinks He Saved Ford Motors: You and I Lost Faith in America

Obama visited a Ford plant this week and portrayed himself as the uber-patriot for saving the auto industry, all the while suggesting that anyone opposed to his bailout is not a patriot, and lost faith in the ability of Americans. Nevermind that Ford refused to be a part of the Cash for Votes program - the White House, says Ford benefited from the Government takeover because the federal money kept suppliers in business. I'm asking: when will the Government relinquish it's majority ownership of GM?

Barack Obama

Telling his "cheering" audience that Republicans lacked confidence in the resilience of American workers, he regretted that "we" didn't understand the "pride you take in building these great cars...." Of course, Americans like me and many of my friends have taken pride in American cars all of our lives.

The New York Times cheekily says that the bailout began under the Bush administration, without noting that Republicans, including G.W. Bush, denied the use of TARP for the auto industry, until Democrats succeeded in making it happen.

Ford did participate in an Energy Department loan to retool a line to build "energy efficient Explorers." Obama came to Ford with check in-hand: a $250 million dollar loan guarantee from the American taxpayer to finance the export of 200,000 vehicles to Mexico and Canada. Saved again by The One.

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