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Quote of the Day: Ace on Coulter and Farah

Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily has stepped off the precipice and printed private emails from Ann Coulter, in a dispute over Ann's speech at the GOProud "HOMOCON" convention. Really now, does Farah believe he can slay a monster by printing their private conversation? Apparently so. In general, I agree with a column at Hot Air that this takes the focus off of health care, the economy, jobs and Iran nuking Israel. I found a quote from Ace at Ace of Spades that is pretty much my position (the following are snippets - please read it all here.

The GOP cannot be an overtly, officially religious party charged with monitoring everyone's personal sins. It cannot be. Ever. I view the party on morality as I view it on economics. A government cannot create wealth; it can only, and should only endeavor to, foster a wealth-friendly environment in which wealth-creation is likely.
Similarly, a government cannot mandate what sort of sex is legal and what sex is illegal. It can only foster a morality-friendly environment win which moral behavior is likely.
There are situations when the government is required to make some kind of official legislative choice on matters typically deemed moral. The law of marriage is an obvious one; drug prohibition has typically been considered another.
But the party cannot agitate to expand and multiply the number of decisions it will make on "behalf" of citizens, against their will, to enforce a morally hygienic lifestyle.....
Coulter is not a gay marriage advocate, but an opponent, which leads me to conclude that Farah is ultimately not agitating for a policy position like traditional marriage only, but simply for that which is impermissible: taking an anti-gay-person stance, period.
It's true that 90% of gays (including conservative-leaning gays) want gay marriage. It's also true that a significant portion of the greater conservative caucus is Paulite in its hostility towards the use of military force, and a larger (but now no longer majority, I don't think) part of the caucus is neocon in its faith in military solutions.
We generally disagree on these issues without attempting to cast out the unbelievers. (Okay, admission: During the height of the Iraq War, and the height of manufactured "Paulmania," with all of his appearances on Truther Alex Jones' show, I sure did welcome the prospect of purging the party of such people. But as a general rule, we don't do that.)
Farah's position is essentially that gays simply cannot be conservatives at all and must be purged from the party. He does not seem to be an opponent of a policy, but an opponent of specific people. That doesn't strike me as fair, conservative, or keeping with the American way of doing things...
Read J.E. Dyer's Hot Air column here. If you want to read all the dreadful details, do an Ann Coulter Joseph Farah search.

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