Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Russ Carnahan's Office Firebombed by Employee - Blamed on Tea Parties

Democrat Congressman Russ Carnahan's (MO) office was firebombed on August 17th in the wee hours of the morning. An arrest was made almost immediately. The Looney-Left quickly blamed Tea partiers,...then the "suspect" was released and the Carnahan office clammed-up. Reportedly, the perpetrator is Chris Powers, a "progressive activist" working for Carnahan.

Chris Powers (left in orange shirt)

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has the story of Chris Powers, the "disgruntled" Lefty who didn't "get paid" for canvassing for Carnahan. According to Hoft, Powers is a TMP blogger under the name Ripper McCord.

 Dana Loesch blasts the rush to judgement and asks if Carnahan's office knew the perpetrator but kept quiet about it.

Take a look at this quote in the Riverfront Times Blog about the suspect that was released before the Carnahan employee (Powers) was identified:
Police aren't releasing the man's name until charges are officially filed. No motive was given for the attack, though one could suspect that the perpetrator is not a fan of the congressman. Given what we know of him -- 50, white, angry -- he certainly fits the demographics of a Tea Party member. 
Michelle Malkin:
...being a Tea Party-bashing liberal means never having to say you’re sorry for smearing conservative dissent. 

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