Sunday, August 8, 2010

Texas Birthright: 60,000 Babies Born to Illegals: 74% of Parkland Total Deliveries are Birthright Babies

Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas delivers more birthright babies than any other hospital in Texas. Last year at Parkland alone 11,071 children were born to illegal alien mothers. At least 60,000, maybe as many as 65,000 babies receive birthrights in Texas every year.

Mexican Baby and Mom

Republicans are discussing correcting the incorrect interpretations of the 14th Amendment which supposedly grants U.S. citizenship to anyone born on American soil. Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is countering by accusing Republicans of attacking babies in the womb.  Ironic - Democrats believe an in-womb baby is nothing more than a fetus. The hypocrisy is rank. Hispanics vote for them anyway.

Republicans are accused of trying to shift the voting demographic. I believe that is true, and why not, but that is not the only impetus to stop the invasion of illegal alien mother's dropping their babies in America. The cost to the American people is intolerable and...of course, it is a matter of law. Yes, we ignored that law for a very long time, but that is no excuse for declaring it now.

Democrats and fine with keeping things as they are, because their only consideration is voters. Amnesty will bring millions to the polls voting for Democrats, who haven't given a thought to the Rule of Law in years, if ever:

 "The next 10 years will be an even more transformative decade demographically for Texas," said Dr. Roberto Calderon, an associate history professor at the University of North Texas and a Latin American expert following the debate.
He speculated that the Republicans probably were aware of this ongoing demographic shift and how it might threaten their party since Hispanic voters tend to support Democrats.
"Manipulating the status ... the rights and the opportunities for Latinos is the only avenue many on the conservative right see as a solution to remaining viable electorally," he said. "They're expecting what used to be safe Republican seats on the state and federal level will no longer be so safe."     

Most Americans welcome our South of the Border neighbors to citizenship, but we would really like for it to be done legally. We need you for more than the jobs you fill. We need you to preserve our Christian heritage - to have your babies in America because without you, our Muslim population will overtake our birthrate. It has already happened in most of Europe. We have maintained only due to the rapid Hispanic birth rate. In other words, we will be a Muslim nation without Hispanic births...but please, come legally and have your deserving children be a part of the American dream. For background on the information in this paragraph, see view this video.

How can the iconic Parkland Memorial Hospital, where President John F. Kennedy died, keep it's doors open with 74% of their births being illegal migrant mother's. Is the government reimbursing the hospital? Are the illegals paying? Read the article here. Also read The 14th Amendment Gone Wrong, explaining the history behind the amendment.

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