Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thomas Beatie Gives Birth to Third Child: Pregnant Man Gives Birth

Thomas Beatie has given birth to her his third child, and second son. We have a trend developing; a California man is expecting to give birth in August also.

Thomas Beatie

Beatie had transgender surgery more than ten years ago. He chose to have her breasts removed, but saved "the bottom" and all the essentials for bearing a child. His wife had undergone a hysterectomy. So tell me, how are you a man just because you no longer have breasts. It's all hormones and pretend.

Thomas and Nancy Beatie

Beatie, who's girl-name was "Tracy," and his "wife" Nancy, who is naturally a woman have three children now, two sons and a daughter. The family lives in Orgon.

Second photo credit: SplashNews

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