Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toxic Obama to Stay Away from Democrat Campaigns: Obamas Voter Database Not Open to Rank and File

As Judgement Day nears, a toxic Barack Obama has promised nine Democrat members of the U.S. House  he will "stay away" from their campaigning if they prefer to keep him off the radar. He is inviting small contingents of Congress to lunch with him to "relieve tensions." Others wonder if Obama is vested in their return to Congress, and even whether he sees himself as the head of the Democrat party. This president is not sharing his considerable voter database with the rank-and-file.

Democrats up for election want to keep the focus on the "issues" and not on Obama. The delusional Left hasn't figured out that the "Obama issues" are the problem. Did I mention they still plan to blame Bush for everything to show that the November election is not a referendum on Obama.
Democrats who are on the ballot hope to make the election about issues other than Mr. Obama, including the benefits to their constituents of the health care and stimulus legislation and the argument that voting Republican means a return to the policies of President George W. Bush.
That line of thinking is largely shared inside the West Wing, where advisers are trying to determine the balance between using Mr. Obama to inspire voters and keeping him from becoming a defining negative presence. Already, Mr. Obama is popping up more as a target in Republican campaign advertisements than as a positive presence in Democratic ones.
Others say their requests for fundraisers with the Prez "get lost in the bureaucracy:
And members of Congress have raised objections for not being notified that grants or federal projects would be announced in their districts.
In other words, all the glory goes to the Dictator, and a Dictator doesn't need a "Party."

I can't wait for their August Townhalls, when constituents across the country let these lame-brained politicians know that health care and the stimulus are the issue, and their vote for both will send them home next January.

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