Saturday, September 18, 2010

DOE Official Claims Mandate to Choose Your Appliances for You

The Department of Energy's Assistant Secretary said they have a "mandate" to dictate what appliances we can buy. Doesn't she look like a zealot?

These rotten statists are so nervy, and out of control. This is what we get when we give radicals unchecked power.

CNS News: Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the recently reestablished Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB), Zoi pointed to four tactics the Obama administration intended use to advance the “deployment of clean energy.” The first three were government subsidies for private-sector green energy projects, special tax incentives for green energy projects and low-interest government-backed loans for green energy projects.

“The fourth one, which the secretary and I love,” said Zoi, “is where we have a mandate. Where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation.”

Zoi was referring to authority the department has under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 as amended by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. That law gives the DOE the power to set efficiency standards for energy-consuming products.

“That’s an existing statute that this department of energy is going to make work really hard,” Zoi said. “We’ve already issued appliance standards that are going to save the American public somewhere between $250 billion and $300 billion over the next 20 years just by getting the crummy stuff off the market.”
Who decides what's crummy stuff? What's the criteria - whether or not company officials support the Obama regime? The article goes on to cite Zoi, an Al Gore disciple, boasting about how they have the power to do all these things to us, and "make people save money for themselves."

Something needs to be done about the power these unelected bureaucrats have over the lives of the American people. Talk about crummy stuff.

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