Friday, September 10, 2010

Dove Koran Burning Back On: Koran Burning Protestor Dead in Afghanistan

Dove's Pastor Jones says his Koran-burning event is back on. A Muslim man in Afghanistan was shot dead by Nato troops during a protest of the U.S. Koran-burning, which has not yet happened.

 Terry Jones - Koran-Burning Back On

Thousands poured into the streets from mosques, after prayers, with as many as many as 10,000, hurling rocks. Yeah, well, we haven't burned any Korans so far, but these moderate, mosque-going Muslims got off their knees after prayer and attacked anyway. Were any of them praying for peace? Were any of them praying for peace for the U.S.? Were any of them praying for a peaceful countenance for their fellow extremists? Were any of them praying for the attraction of jihad to leave the Muslim communities world-wide? Were any of them praying for those who died on September 11, 2001? I don't think so.

In London thousands of people gathered at the Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque, in Morden, to hear Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the world head of the community, denounce the US pastor.
"Religious extremism, be it Christian extremism, Muslim extremism, or any other kind is never a true reflection of the religion" he said.
Demonstrations against the desecration of Islam's holy book prompted threats of attacks on US bases elsewhere in Afghanistan. Protests were held in Kabul and near the Pakistan border.
"If they do this, we will attack American bases and close the highway used by convoys supplying American troops," a cleric called Zahidullah told the Reuters news agency.
Pastor Terry Jones said yesterday he has cancelled the book burning, believing the Ground Zero mosque developers promised they would move the mosque. That turned out to be untrue, so now Jones, who apparently has protested the funerals of our Military with the vile Westboro Baptist Church, says he is rethinking the situation and for now, the burning is back on his calendar.

Speaking outside his Dove World Outreach Centre church in Gainesville, Jones said: "As of right now, we are not cancelling the event, but we are suspending it." 
By the way, Jones has been dismissed from the board of a church he founded in Germany, not for the threat of burning Korans, but for "mistreating his followers." And they want no part of the Koran burning. This reminds me of Jim Jones of the People's Temple in Guyana who convinced more than 900 members of his church in exile to drink poisoned Kool-Aid, which they did, and they all died.

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