Sunday, September 5, 2010

John Bolton Presidential Bid?

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, was asked three times in an interview if he will consider a run for the presidency. Three times Bolton did not say 'no,' but he also did not say 'yes.' The  usually straight-talking Bolton alluded to not being electable, but said his candidacy would raise the profile of national security - and that would be a good thing.

John Bolton

In an interview with the Daily Caller's Jamie Weinstein, Bolton answered the first question of a possible presidential run by saying he was honored that anyone would even ask the question. Acknowledging that the economy is first on everyone's mind, he astutely reminds us that "our adversaries overseas are not going to wait for us to get our economic house in order."

Asked again, DC says Bolton "seemed to suggest" that his presence in the race would escalate the national security conversation.

Asked a third time, he said he would not do "anything foolish" because he understands how the media works and that understanding would be a part of any decision he makes.

Bolton is a constant critic of the Obama administration. Everything Obama has done in Afghanistan, Bolton believes he was forced to do, and he believes Obama will never strike Iran. He is equally as critical of Obama's domestic agenda.
Asked if he gives any credit at all to the president for increasing drone attacks against terrorists in Pakistan and elsewhere, and tripling  troop levels in Afghanistan – both moves that have upset his left flank – Bolton said they were moves the president was forced to take.
“Well, certainly he has done things that have been unexpected in Afghanistan and certain aspects of the Terrorism. I think those are steps he has taken because it has been impossible – even for him – to avoid taking them,” Bolton proffered. “For example, much of what he has done in terms of interrogation or Guantanamo Bay or aspects of the War on Terrorism are things that are driven either by the imperative of defending executive branch prerogatives under the Constitution or because he has come to realize that the Bush administration looked at a lot of alternatives and couldn’t find any. So it is not that he has done these things happily or willingly.”
Bolton has been the lone voice crying-out in the wilderness, and echoing you and me, national security before all else - or else it will be too late, and that the United Nations is deceitful and wholly corrupt - and wholly against Israel. I would welcome John Bolton into the race for president. It is a sad commentary on our nation that a brilliant man who ultimately supports peace through strength would be lynched and worse by the media. Oh, Ran at Si Vis Pacem asks: ...but what if he ran as Sarah's Veep?

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