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Project 2996: Remembering Laurie Ann Neira

Project 2996 is a tribute to the victims of September 11, 2001. Maggie's Notebook will honor the memories and the lives of some of those lost that terrible day.

2,996 stories...2,996 voices...2,996 remembered.

Laurie Ann Neira was aboard American Airlines Flight 11 departing from Boston to Los Angeles, after a visit with family. The photograph at the right is Laurie in 1997 with her daughter Francisca, known as Frannie, on Frannie's wedding day.

Laurie worked for Your Office Genie, and a look around the Internet finds many workers remembering her fondly. Some knew her personally, and others recognized her as a co-worker they had not yet met.

One of Laurie's best friends as a teenager in Rowley, Massachusetts, Debbie Madruga Richards, wrote fond memories of their earlier friendship, when they moved to 'The Big Apple' together at age 18.

Laurie was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts. She met her future husband, Gilberto (Gil) in New York City. In 1975 the family, now consisting of Mom, Dad and Francisca moved to Los Angeles. Later, Frannie's brother Christopher was born. Each year after the move, the family returned to their Massachusetts roots for a visit.

Frannie and Laurie were in Boston on their annual trip, but were flying back to L.A. separately.
From Frannie:
"We had the best time together. Then, on 9/11/01 we went to the airport together. The car rental shuttle dropped [Laurie] off at her terminal first, she going on American, and me going on Delta. 
My last words to her were, see you back home."
American Airlines Flight 11 was taken over by hijackers after about 15 minutes after takeoff. Frannie's Delta flight made an emergency landing in Ohio. That is how she learned of her mother's fate.  All flights were grounded, and she was left alone there for three days. 

Frannie says her mother was the glue that held the family together. 
"She was the most loving and caring person I have ever known. She was a loving and devoted Wife and Mother to me and my brother Christopher. She was also a doting Grandmother to my daughter Amanda - she couldn't wait to be a Grandma! She was taken from our family too soon and left a void that will never be filled again."
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