Friday, September 10, 2010

Stephen Broden Ten Buck Fridays Winner

Stephen Broden won the Ten Buck Fridays poll this week. He is a constitutional conservative running against the Texas 30th District incumbent, Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson.  See two videos below clearly demonstrating the character and intent of both Broden and Johnson.

Stephen Broden with Dr. Alveda King

Reading through Broden's "Issues" page, he is obviously a constitutional conservative - conservative in every area that is on your radar and mine. While he does not rank the issues, I can see that illegal aliens are of great interest. He steps out actually makes suggestions for how this important matter should be approached. Read Broden's Issues page here.

Stephen Borden is the Senior Pastor at the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church, which he founded in 1987. He worked for Atlantic-Richfield Company for ten years, has owned several small businesses and has been a newscaster, disc jockey and radio broadcaster. Currently he is a co-host on a radio talk show on KSKY 660 AM, Life and Liberty and as a broadcaster of One-Minute "thought of the day" commentaries. 

He is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA and Masters degree in Communication. He later studied at the Dallas Theological Seminary where he received a Masters of Arts in Bible Studies.
Broden is married to Donna Broden and they have three children ranging in age from 22 to 29 years old. Read more about Pastor Broden's community activities here.

Stephen Broden

Pastor Broden has an impressive list of endorsements. Among them the Dallas Morning News, Texas Congressmen Pete Sessions, Jeb Hensarling, and Sam Johnson, and commentator Dick Morris. Others include the Latino National Republican Coalition of North Texas and of the state of Texas, the Texas Conference of Black Mayors, and the Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee. There are many more - in fact hundreds more. View them here.

And finally, to Broden's opponent, the incumbent Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson - the woman who gave her friends and relatives scholarships from the Black Caucus Foundation (CBC), which is against the rules. For years she gave out $10,000 each year to students who did not even live in the 30th District - that's against the rules too - the rules she believes are "ambiguous," and besides that, she is busy and the scholarship money is not really important enough to give much thought to. Hear it in the second video below.

Remember that all politics are now local. Every vote cast on Capitol Hill affects your family and mine. Please donate what you can to send this Texas constitutional conservative candidate to Washington D.C., and send big-spender Eddie Bernice Johnson who plays fast and loose with the taxpayer's dollars, home.

Broden's video page.

Visit the Broden Home Page here.

Visit the Broden Donation Page

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Stephen Broden (video)
Eddie Bernice Johnson, 23 Illegal Scholarships (video)

Conscientiously Conservative is the birth mother of Ten Buck Fridays. She has a great patriotic blog. Give her a visit.

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