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Ten Buck Friday Winner is Ilario Pantano North Carolina U.S. House District 7

Ten Buck Friday Bloggers are congratulating Ilario Pantano this morning for winning the TBF poll with 37.3 percent of the vote. Ilario is a constitutional conservative running for North Carolina's 7th U.S. House District. The vote was nip-and-tuck all week with Sean Bielat vying to send Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank back home. RightKlik, the website announcing the TBF winner each week, says 15 minutes before the poll closed, Pantano and Bielat were tied. See videos below.

Ilario Pantano

Pantano says he is ready to head for war a third time, the first in Kuwait, the second in Iraq and the third in Congress if we send him to Capitol Hill. He is facing 7-term Democrat incumbent, Mike McIntyre, who voted for Nancy Pelosi's speaker position and against the Iraq surge. Pantano and Sean Bielat are both endorsed by Michelle Malkin, along with last week's winner, Renee Ellmers.

Pantano's position on jobs, fiscal accountability, less federal spending, and educating the workforce can be found here.
You can't innovate if you can't graduate and you can't have pride in America if you don't know America's proud history.
He believes in Peace through Strength by acknowledging energy independence is a matter of national security, we must be honest about the threat of radical Islam, our broken borders must be secured and China is a potential threat. Read that here.
Choosing to ignore the obvious and be politically correct may keep terrorists from being personally offended but it will certainly lead to needless deaths like those at Ft. Hood.
Ilario sees our liberty as God-given. He wants to teach this country's history and the Constitution, preserve the Second Amendment, preserve a child's right to life. He believes in term limits on Congress. He wants the non-Defense Federal work force reduced.
The size of the non-defense Federal work force should be reduced and frozen and every personnel budget should be scrutinized.  The Federal government should not be the fastest growing employer in America and should not have 19% of federal employees making over $100,000.
View Pantano debating Democrat Representative Mike McIntrye here. Verne Strickand at Carolina Talk Network said this about the debate:

If they never held another debate, the message would still be crystal clear – Mike McIntyre is not right for North Carolina or the Seventh Congressional District.
Pantano is endorsed by conservative commentator, Herman Cain and The Hermanator PAC, Medal of Honor recipient, retired Marine, Major General James Livingston, Iraq Veterans for Congress, Debra Burlingame, and many more.

Ilario, 38,  served in Kuwait and is a decorated Iraq combat veteran and the author of Warlord: No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. He is a former deputy sheriff for Wilmington, North Carolina. Prior to his run for Congress he was working toward a Masters in National Security Policy and Strategic Intelligence.

Pantano has sworn the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States three times in his life: first as a 17-year old Marine.  As an anti-tank gunner, Pantano fought in the first Gulf War, with the Sixth Marine Regiment that helped to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi invaders. Later, Pantano would become an Elite Scout Sniper and train with foreign militaries in the Mediterranean. His service included support of the UN peacekeeping mission for what was then Yugoslavia.  Sergeant Pantano was honorably discharged (1993) and attended New York University at night while working at Goldman Sachs by day. He began as a clerk in the oil and gas markets of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and ultimately worked up to a position trading electricity.
Pantano was in New York City on September 11th. He lost friends and colleagues in the attack on the World Trade Towers, including eleven firemen from the fire station next to his apartment. He immediately began a process to re-enlist and enter the Marine's Officer Candidate School.

In 2004 he went to Iraq with 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines, where he ranked in the top 2 percentile of his class. In April 2004, in the town of Mahmudiyah, Iraq, Pantano shot two Iraqis after finding a huge weapons cache. The two men approached Pantano in a threatening manner. He shot and killed both of them. An autopsy report confirmed the claim. There was a military investigation. All charges were dropped. Mike Adams at Townhall has an interesting profile of Pantano.

Ilario Pantano was born in New York City and grew-up in Hell's Kitchen. Ilario is married to Jill Chapman Pantano. They have two young sons, who attend public school. View this video to see Mrs. Pantano address a press conference (zoom ahead to 35 minutes-in to hear Jill, but the entire video is enlightening).

The idea behind Ten Buck Friday is to encourage everyone, including our readers, to donate $10 or more or less to these conservative candidates. We must fund them. Democrats are pouring huge sums to their candidate's campaign. They know what is at stake, and so do we.

If it seems unwise to donate to a candidate outside of your own home state, please consider that today, "politics" are national, not local. A vote Pantano casts as a representative of North Carolina, will affect you in Kansas City, your brother in Amarillo and my family in Oklahoma. If you have time for only one video, view the second one below.

Ilario Pantano's campaign website

Donate to Pantano

Please write-in Ten Buck Fridays in the "Occupation" box.

Ilario Pantano on Mike McIntrye (video)

Sean Hannity and Ilario Pantano (video)

Conscientiously Conservative is the birth mother of Ten Buck Fridays. She has a great patriotic blog. Give her a visit.

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