Monday, September 6, 2010

Thin-Skinned, Bratish President Treated Like a Dog

Obama speaking in Milwaukee today explained how he will stimulate the economy, yet again, for a bargain basement price of $50,000,000,000 taxpayers dollars.  But this juvenile thumb-sucking president denigrated and insulted dogs everywhere by whining that Republicans "talk about me like a dog." No examples were offered. New video added.

Treated Like a Dog - Get it at Zazzle

Democrats must know if they vote for this thing, their career as a public extortioner is over.

But then Ed Morrissey at Hot Air differs:
Don’t be too sure it won’t pass Congress before November.  Transportation bills like this give Capitol Hill denizens plenty of opportunity to get pork for their home districts and states.  In this election cycle, pork may be all Democrats can use as an argument for re-election.  They certainly larded the first stimulus bill with plenty of home-town pork, and with $50 billion more in borrowed cash, don’t expect them to be shy the second time around.
However, don’t expect it to work, either.  The original Porkulus had $105 billion in so-called “infrastructure investments,” and none of it produced any economic growth.  Transportation accounted for $48 billion; energy infrastructure and R&D got the same amount of money.  Housing got $10 billion.  Front loaded or not, the money got allocated and borrowed, and we’re back to flatlining economic growth just eighteen months later — only now we have a lot more debt on top of the other problems we had. 
From the Green Room, Doctor Zero:
President Obama “unveiled” his new “stimulus” plan in Wisconsin today.  It was a lot like watching an alcoholic unveil his new plan to get sober by switching to lite beer
But Daily Kos writer Joan McCarter, believes this is excellent news - "a solid, job-creating policy," she says, and even provides a White House "fact sheet" for us.  Republicans will have a tough time talking this one down according to McCarter.

I'm keeping my money on this expenditure failing, and I call on Obama to apologize to dogs everywhere. By the way, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold (D) was a no-show for the Obama speech. He wanted none of it. Remember when O referred to himself as 'Mutt?'  Source

Obama the 'Mutt' - They Talk About Me Like I'm a Dog (video

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