Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Goats Rescued from 6" Ledge

Two young Montana goats wandered onto a 6" slice of ledge under a railroad bridge and spent two days 60 feet above ground. There was a slightly wider piece of concrete just a few steps away from the female goats but they curiously stayed on the narrowest part - except to urinate. When the the urge came, they made their way to the wider strip of concrete, and then back to their 6" slice. See the rescue video below.

Two Goats on a Ledge

The Rimrock Humane Society rescued the two little ones with a piece of equipment much like a cherry picker, supplied by Signal Peak Energy.
Church [humane society president] said it wasn't clear how the nimble-footed animals got into the predicament, but she speculated they wandered onto the ledge at night then froze after the sun rose and they discovered where they were.

Montana Goat Rescue (video)

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