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ACORN Restructuring: ACORN Alive Well Working for Joe Sestak (D-PA)

None of my readers would be naive enough to believe because ACORN is defending multiple lawsuits and lost their taxpayer funding earlier this year, that they have gone away, even though they said they were shuttered. The group broke into splinter groups or merged with other smaller groups engaged in, perhaps, the same suspect electioneering. Today, ACORN is working to get the vote out for Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania, and...here it comes...will surface "after the election with a new organizational structure." The Obama administration is stalling, and far over due performing (about 6 months overdue) on a Freedom of Information Act request to furnish correspondence between HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and ACORN.

Human Events:

Like a zombie in a horror movie, ACORN is alive! Even worse, it’s still in the business of registering Mickey Mouse and dead people to vote—and the person running its get-out-the-vote operation is under indictment for felony voter registration fraud.
The radical group staged an elaborate prank on April Fool’s Day by pretending to die. That’s when chief organizer Bertha Lewis said ACORN would dissolve its national structure. But the group still exists and continues to send out  solicitations for funds.
Disturbingly, Project Vote, ACORN’s scandal-plagued voter registration and mobilization division, remains open for business. Project Vote has been part of the ACORN family since at least 1992 when Barack Obama ran a successful voter drive in Illinois. 
Although legally separate entities, in practice the two are the same, as the congressional testimony of former ACORN/Project Vote employee Anita MonCrief can attest. They share office space, employees, and budgets. Project Vote continues to operate out of ACORN’s Washington, D.C., headquarters.
Even worse, its voter drive is being run by Amy Busefink, an ACORN employee under indictment in Nevada for violating election laws. It might be understandable for an employer not to fire an employee until she is actually convicted of a crime, but this is ridiculous. Busefink should not be running a voter drive.
Daily Caller:
Although ACORN, short for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, announced earlier this year that it planned to dissolve its national structure on April Fool’s Day, it continues to operate, even soliciting new funding from donors. Its voter mobilization subsidiary, Project Vote, continues to operate out of ACORN’s Washington, D.C. office where it is currently conducting a nationwide get-out-the-vote (GOTV) drive that could have a budget of $15 million or more. ACORN historian John Atlas and ACORN executive Nathan Henderson-James both say ACORN will reemerge with a new organizational structure after the election.
The Human Events article linked above explains how paid canvassers received bonuses (that's where Mickey and Minnie Mouse enter the picture).

Minnie Mouse

Remember when Obama counsel Greg Craig fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin and then hastily left White House service after a little nudge? Bob Bauer, Obama's longtime personal attorney, took Craig's place and according to this article at FaceForward, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) claims that Bauer was hired to 'erase tracks' between Obama and ACORN. When Walpin was fired he was in the middle of a huge scandal showing AmeriCorp corruption of $75 million of taxpayer funds.

Obama ordered Walpin's firing, but legally Inspector Generals are independent from the White House and can only be fired after a Senate-mandated investigation. The investigation went forward, after the firing, and Mr. Walpin was soon cleared of all accusations charged by the White House, but did not get his job back. It was a despicable scam, with Obama trying to paint Walpin as mentally not quit all there. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Just one of the many attacks from the Oval Office on the taxpayers.

So, ACORN is reportedly working for Joe Sestak (D-PA-7th) hoping to move from the House to the Senate. That's likely a payback by the White House. Last Spring, Sestak accused the Oval Office of offering him a job in return for dropping out of the Senate race in Pennsylvania. Sestak "hinted" and then tried to undo the hints," and got himself and the White House in a real jam. A little help from ACORN is perhaps in order for the former Navy Vice Admiral. Our revenge of course is to send Pat Toomey to the U.S. Senate to replace Joe Sestak in Washington, D.C.

ACORN is an enormous threat to the sanctity of our vote. If you see Minnie Mouse at the polls Tuesday, without her polka-dot dress, report her to a poll minder.

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