Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ann Coulter Mike Huckabee: Coulter's Finest Moment with Mike Huckabee

Ann Coulter had one of her finest moments on Huckabee this weekend. She was apparently invited on to discuss one thing, and was then hit with her past comment saying Huckabee was a "liberal Christian." Whatever the 'one thing' Ann was prepared to discuss, Huck said they would get back to it, but Ann's time ran out and instead they 'got' to an interview with Ariana Huffington.


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Ann Coulter

Coulter was not prepared to defend herself, but nevertheless did with so with pithy gusto. Huckabee didn't like being called a "liberal," and Ann continually pointed out that she actually called him a "Christian liberal. He still didn't like it.

I have a sometimes-paraphrased, sometimes-exactly-quoted, kinda-sorta transcript below the video. There are parts of the video I did not include. If the video disappears, I'll still have some this very interesting conversation on record. And for the 'record,' I agree with Ann. I believe that Huckabee is mostly fiscally conservative, but far too socially liberal and it bleeds into his fiscal conservatism. And I still haven't forgiven him and McCain for their joint venture to knock Mitt Romney out of the 2008 presidential race. Having said all that, I like Huckabee, but I am hoping he will not run for president in 2012.

Mike Huckabee and Ann Coulter: Liberal Christians

To get things started, he read her quote from September 1, 2010:
All liberals are atheists. Only the ones who have to stand for election even bother pretending to believe in God...There's only one true Christian liberal in the country and that's Mike Huckabee.
COULTER: this was not meant as an insult. I was thinking of all the alleged Christian advisers in the Obama administration - the Jim Wallace-types. The liberal view of charity is 'raise taxes' and give it to the poor. This is the Pharisees out of the Bible. Charity is not giving their own money.

(there is some discussion of abortion tucked in here also)

COULTER: So I began thinking what if you were a genuine Christian but had some crazy liberal views with things that are not directly Christian - what would that look like, and I thought of you.

HUCKABEE: What were my "crazy views?"

COULTER responds that he was very soft on illegal immigration.

HUCKABEE immediately says he does not believe in amnesty, and says 'you don't punish the children the children of illegals.'

COULTER: "this is exactly what I mean." Pointing to Huckabee: "This is a liberal Christian." I'm sure that is what liberals said to us 30 years ago in saying we have to start subsidizing illegitimacy.

HUCKABEE: My economic heart tells me that if I had a kid who was a valedictorian whose parents were illegal, it will be better if he gets his education. Wouldn't you rather he become a doctor and pay taxes, rather than picking tomatoes?

COULTER: One million Mexicans across the border in Mexico think, 'if I can just get to America and get my kid educated, we will be legal.'

There's more but you have to watch the video for the full show.

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