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Burt Reynolds Loni Anderson: Burt and Loni Reuniting

A new TV show will star formerly married, now 16 years divorced, Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson.

Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson 1991
In a replay of real life, the once-feuding couple will play bickering seniors living in a retirement home - and the show will be scripted by famed All in the Familycreator Norman Lear, The ENQUIRER learned exclusively.
Both Burt. 74 and  Loni, 65,  are veterans of sitcom hits. 
Loni was the busty blonde hottie of WKRP in Cincinnati. And Burt made Evening Shade a hit.
During the Burt and Loni marriage, they adopted a son, Quinton Anderson Reynolds, who would be about 22 years old now. It appears that Burt has not remarried after his divorce from Anderson. Loni married Bob Flick, a founding member of The Brother Four folk band, in May 2008.

Loni Anderson Age 62 and Age 63

There are reports that Reynolds had quintuple bypass surgery in March of this year.  Just dreadful that the new show will be filmed in a "retirement home." No word yet on which network will air the episodes. Source for news of the upcoming show: National Enquirer

Burt Reynolds in 2010?

But, that's not all the Enquirer has to say about this pair. In an August 2010 article. Apparently Reynolds had to enter "alcohol and pain pill rehab in 2009 after collapsing at his home in Hobe Sound, FL. Loni said he owned her $400,000 in back child support. She said she felt sorry for him, and did not want to tag him a "deadbeat dad."

His child support was set at $4,000 a month, which Anderson said was only paid sporadically, although he made more than 20 movies since their divorce. So now we get the story. Loni would not demean the man she hopes to have a TV hit with, and perhaps a part of his pay check will go to Anderson. See the Enquirer article.

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