Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dennis Prager with Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt Video

This video is a May 22, 2010 panel discussion at University of Denver, with Dennis Prager, Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt. Prager begins the discussion on "what is the greatest threat to America." His answer will surprise you. After Hugh Hewitt speaks with his adroit and short opinion, listen as Prager lays out the current "moment of darkness in American history." What a great panel of patriots. The short version of the video is second below. It mainly highlights Dennis Prager.

Dennis Prager

Pull Quote from Prager (at about 11 minutes in)
No one ever said Sweden, Norway or Denmark are the last best hope of mankind.
At about 14 minutes in, listen as Prager speaks about the United Nations and woman's rights. 

Dennis Prager, Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt

Short clips of Dennis Prager, Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt (video)

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