Thursday, October 7, 2010

Department of Justice Lies About New Black Panthers Case Dismissal

While I was off having fun on Hilton Head Island, proof surfaced that the Department of Justice (you know the one...where "a creeping lawlessness" lives unencumbered) lied, and lied significantly about the dismissal of the case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers.

New Black Panthers

After two New Black Panthers stood guard over possible wayward voters at a Philadelphia polling place - complete with a nightstick, and proof via a video, the men were indicted and charges were brought by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, over their menacing and intimidating presence on the day of the 2008 presidential election.  After the two men refused to show up at Court - 5 times, the DOJ dismissed the charges. 

Senator Charles Grassley was outraged and began an investigation. One of the prime DOJ attorneys on the case quit in protest and another was transferred out of Washington D.C. The attorney who quit, J. Christian Adams, joined Pajamas Media, testified at a hearing under oath, and has been making his case on talk shows that racism is rampant within the Department of Justice.

On September 20th, Judicial Watch forced disclosure of DOJ documents. First up is info that Democratic election lawyer Sam Hirsch was involved in the dismissal. Odd that, because Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, Thomas Perez, "swore" in testimony that "no political leadership was involved in the outrageous dismissal.
The “Vaughn index” describes documents responsive to the lawsuit currently being withheld in their entirety by the Justice Department. The index details a series of emails between Assistant Deputy Attorney General Steve Rosenbaum and Deputy Associate Attorney General Sam Hirsch, who was described by Slate magazine as a “DC election lawyer who represents a lot of Democrats” prior to joining the Justice Department.
The index describes eight email exchanges between Rosenbaum and Hirsch, taking place on April 30, 2009, the day before the Justice Department reversed course and declined to pursue much of the Black Panther case. 
 Perez, according to Judicial Watch, under sworn testimony said the whole issue was just "a case of career people disagree with the career people."Uh...right! the Blacks in some kind of military garb, brandishing a billy club had nothing to do with revered voter rights.
“These documents show the Obama Justice Department’s decision to drop the Black Panther case was certainly political and potentially corrupt,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Black Panther decision is a scandal for the Obama administration and it merits serious attention by investigators. Assistant Attorney General Perez seems to have been less than candid in his sworn testimony when he said no political appointees were involved in the decision. This scandal has just gotten a whole lot worse for the Obama Justice Department.”
J. Christian Adams, the man who has claimed "a creeping lawlessness" in the DOJ, said when the news from Judicial Watch broke it was a "bad for for the Justice Department, but a worse day for country."

J. Christian Adams

If Congress ultimately suspects that they were lied to, they might scrutinize an undated entry: Karen Stevens is listed as an author of “talking points for the Attorney General regarding the DOJ’s handling of the NBPP litigation and the decision to drop charges.” She should get a subpoena from Congress next year also.
Similar entries evidencing the creation of an ultimately dishonest spin are throughout the log.
I would not be surprised if the log omitted documents. Inspector General Glenn Fine’s investigation of the Voting Section should include an inquiry into whether the Department is fully responsive to various requests from Congress, the press, and the Civil Rights Commission.
The log provided by DOJ to Judicial Watch contains numerous unidentified documents. The listing provides no information whatsoever about these documents, as the identity of both the authors and recipients are omitted. Congress might also demand to know what all the untitled, undated entries are in the log.
To understand how important this case is, Adams testified that he heard someone inside Justice state that this administration will no prosecute Black wrongdoers," for any kind of voter fraud or intimidation. For details on the Voter Intimidation case against The New Black Panthers, including testimony by an iconic Civil Rights activist, and the DOJ bias for Black Wrong-doers," begin here, and then see the list below. Thanks to Opus6 at American Perspective where I found this story.

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