Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eleven See the Devil - Jump off a Balcony: Two Die: No Drugs Involved

You can't make this stuff up. In Paris, a women awakens in the middle of the night. She sees a man naked in the next room. It's her husband, but she thinks it's the devil. She screams "its the devil." Hubby runs from the room into another, where eleven people are watching television. A woman grabs a knife and stabs "the devil" hubby. They push him out a door.

Hubby forces his way back inside. They ALL leap from a second floor balcony screaming "Jesus, Jesus." The naked man leaped with them.

A four-month-old baby died in the jump, and a two-year-old was critically injured. The police say they found no evidence of drugs. The woman who stabbed the man was his sister-in-law. Investigators are still investigating.

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